Evolution of Godoy & Godoy manual lymph drainage. Technique with linear movements

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José Maria Pereira de Godoy *
Ana Carolina Pereira de Godoy
Maria de Fatima Guerreiro Godoy
(*) Corresponding Author:
José Maria Pereira de Godoy | godoyjmp@gmail.com


Manual lymph drainage has become the mainstay in the treatment of lymphedema for decades now. Five evolving variants have been described by Godoy & Godoy over the years: i) manual lymph drainage using rollers; ii) self-applied manual lymph drainage using rollers; iii) manual lymph drainage using the hands (manual lymphatic therapy); iv) mechanical lymphatic therapy using the RAGodoy® device; and v) lymphatic therapy using cervical stimulation in general lymphatic treatment. After breast cancer treatment using adapted technique with intermittent compression therapy. Lymphoscintigraphy, volumetry and bioimpedance were employed to analyze such treatment techniques applied to the upper and lower extremities. These treatment and evaluation topics are described in this brief report.

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