Variables affecting factors associated with primary headache

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Athanasia Alexoudi *
Konstadinos Politis
Anthi Moukidou
Rebekka Tsatovidou
Sarantoula Ververaki
Antonios Tavernarakis
Anna Siatouni
Anastasia Verentzioti
Dimos Mitsikostas
Stylianos Gatzonis
(*) Corresponding Author:
Athanasia Alexoudi |


Primary headache syndromes’ development is associated with biological, psychological and social parameters. Factors such as daily habits, behavioral characteristics and sleep disorders also play an important role. We aim to identify the variables which affect the above factors. The study included 111 patients affected by primary headache. The patients were stratified into subgroups according to gender, age, occupation and headache type. Women attained higher scores than men in three of the evaluation rating scales and lower scores in the severity of dependence scale. Occupation was associated with SF36 and Hamilton anxiety scale. Unemployed had higher scores in Hamilton anxiety. Migraineurs and occupied individuals have lower SF36 scores. Women are associated with depression, anxiety and higher disability derived from headache. Men are more prone to dependence on opioids. Unemployment was linked with anxiety and well-being. The migraneurs presented a decreased level of quality of life.

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