A case report of infective endocarditis in a 10-year-old girl

  • Shafee Salloum | salloums@childrensdayton.org Department of "Pediatric" Hospital Medicine, Dayton Children's Hospital, Dayton, OH, United States.
  • Christopher J. Bugnitz Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Dayton Children’s Hospital, Dayton, OH, United States.


Infective endocarditis is a rare disease in children, and it can result in significant morbidity and mortality. The epidemiology of infective endocarditis in children has shifted in recent years with less rheumatic heart disease, more congenital heart disease survival, and increased use of central venous catheters in children with chronic illness. Less commonly, infective endocarditis occurs in children with no preexisting cardiac disease or other known risk factors. We present a "case of" 10 year-old girl with no known cardiac disease or any other risk factors who was diagnosed with infective endocarditis according to modified Duke criteria. Blood cultures grew haemophilus parainfluenza. She had prolonged fever for 2 weeks after starting antibiotics, even though her blood culture became sterile 48 hours after treatment. We emphasize the importance of maintaining high index of suspicion for endocarditis in febrile children, even those without cardiac anomalies or other apparent risk factors.

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Infective endocarditis, bacteremia, fever.
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Salloum, S., & Bugnitz, C. J. (2018). A case report of infective endocarditis in a 10-year-old girl. Clinics and Practice, 8(3). https://doi.org/10.4081/cp.2018.1070