Take a second look: it's Kikuchi’s disease! A case report and review of literature

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Oana Joean *
Thea Thiele
Mieke Raap
Reinhold E. Schmidt
Matthias Stoll
(*) Corresponding Author:
Oana Joean | Joean.Oana@mh-hannover.de


Generalized lymphadenopathy is a common cause of concern for both patients and clinicians. Possible etiologies include infections, malignancies and autoimmune diseases. Kikuchi Fujimoto disease (KFD) is a hyperergic condition that presents with fever, lymphadenopathy and can include systemic involvement, thus being easily mistaken for the above-mentioned entities. We report the case of a previously healthy 18-year-old male who presented with a selflimiting generalized lymphadenopathy, high fevers, skin vasculitis and polyserositis. The lymph-node biopsy revealed a histiocytotic necrotizing lymphadenitis, suggestive of Kikuchi’s disease. This case emphasizes the importance of KFD in the differential diagnosis of lymphadenopathy, especially in young adults.

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