Cutaneous actinomycosis and long-term management through using oral and topical antibiotics: A case report

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Ali Hassan Najmi *
Ibrahim Hassan Najmi
Mosa Mohmmed Hassan Tawhari
Khadija Hafed Sawadi
Khaled Ahamed Hassan Khbrani
Fawaz Hadi Tawhari
Mohammed Abdu Tawhari
Majed Hassan Mathkur
Khalid Mohammed Al-attas
(*) Corresponding Author:
Ali Hassan Najmi |


Actinomycosis is a subacute or chronic suppurative bacterial infection which caused because of filamentous gram-positive, anaerobic to microaerophilic nonacid fast bacilli primarily of the genus Actinomyces that normally colonize the mouth, colon, and vagina. Primary cutaneous actinomycosis is a rare entity and is generally associated with trauma. A 61- year-old Yemeni male firstly presented to the surgical department in King Fahd Central Hospital with multiple swelling, petted lesions and boring of sensation in the right foot. Local examination showed multiple erythematous nodules and plaques with discharge in the right leg, and active sinus was not determined.

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