Modified roll technique for soft tissue augmentation in prosthetic rehabilitation: A case report

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Shahabe A. Saquib *
Mohammed Yunis S. Bhat
Mukhtar A. Javali
Shaheen V. Shamsuddin
Mohammed A. Khader
(*) Corresponding Author:
Shahabe A. Saquib |


There are various causes for residual alveolar ridge defects, most common being the collapse of the cortical plate during extraction. Localized defects of alveolar ridge affect prosthetic restoration due to poor emergence profile of the pontic. Various soft tissue augmentation procedures have been recommended for the correction of these defects. Abrams’s roll technique has been widely used for soft tissue ridge augmentation in the maxillary anterior region where aesthetics is a prime concern. The original Abrams’s roll technique has been modified and revisited by many authors to overcome the limitations. The present clinical case report discusses the modified roll technique as an option to treat alveolar ridge deformity. The current procedure resulted in expectable ridge augmentation, uneventful healing, and good aesthetic outcome. Hence this modified technique can be selected for the treatment of mild to moderate Seibert class I ridge defects in the aesthetic zone.

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