A 72-year-old patient with bilateral Maisonneuve fractures

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Thomas Dienstknecht *
Klemens Horst
Hans-Christoph Pape
(*) Corresponding Author:
Thomas Dienstknecht | tdienstknecht@ukaachen.de


Maisonneuve fractures result from a disruption of the medial ankle structures and a proximal fibular fracture. Patient complaints can be misleading and there is a significant rate of delayed diagnosed injuries. We present a case of bilateral Maisonneuve fractures after a fall due to a syncopal collapse. A precise clinical examination led to this rare diagnosis. The injuries were treated with syndesmotic screw fixation, removal of hardware followed after 6 weeks. The patient was asymptomatic at threemonths follow up. Patients with bilateral injuries undergoing standard surgical treatment can gain full recovery, but high suspicion in clinical examination is needed to detect this uncommon bilateral injury.

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