A case of life-threatening obstetrical hemorrhage secondary to placental abruption at 17 weeks of gestation

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Toshihiko Kinoshita *
Naoki Takeshita
Akiko Takashima
Yutaka Yasuda
Hiroaki Ishida
Megumi Manrai
(*) Corresponding Author:
Toshihiko Kinoshita | kino@sakura.med.toho-u.ac.jp


A 40-year old woman, gravida 4, para 4, presented with sudden lower abdominal pain and severe vaginal bleeding at 17 weeks of gestation. Clinical symptoms and ultrasonographic finding revealed placental abruption. The volume of bleeding was heavy and led to disseminated intravascular coagulation and hypovolemic shock. We performed blood transfusion and therapy to treat the critical condition. However, the mother’s condition continued to worsen. Therefore, we performed a hysterotomy and aborted the pregnancy to save the mother. Since heavy bleeding caused by placental abruption leading to a life-threatening condition for a mother before the 20 weeks of gestation is very rare, the present case is an important case study.

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