Anterior sacral meningocele masquerading as an ovarian cyst: a rare clinical presentation associated with Marfan syndrome

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Neslin Sahin *
Mine Genc
Esin Kasap
Aynur Solak
Berrin Korkut
Erkan Yilmaz
(*) Corresponding Author:
Neslin Sahin |


Anterior sacral meningocele is a very rare clinical entity characterized by herniation of a meningeal sac through a sacrococcygeal defect. We report a case of a 20-year old female with Marfan syndrome who presented with abdominal distention that was misdiagnosed as an ovarian cyst on pelvic ultrasound. Pelvic magnetic resonance (MR) imaging showed large, well-defined multiloculated intrasacral and presacral cysts communicating via two separate broad necks and extending through defects in anterior aspect of sacral vertebrae. This case emphasizes that anterior sacral meningocele should be considered in the differential diagnosis of cases with pelvic cysts particularly in patients with underlying connective tissue disorders. Because severe neurologic complications or even death may occur without proper preoperative planning in such cases, MR imaging should always be performed for evaluation and characterization of pelvis cystic lesions.

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