Concomitant posterior hip dislocation, ipsilateral intertrochanteric- and proximal tibial- fractures with popliteal artery injury: a challenging trauma mélange

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Pranit N. Chotai
Nabil A. Ebraheim *
Ryan Hart
Andrew Wassef
(*) Corresponding Author:
Nabil A. Ebraheim |


Constellation of ipsilateral posterior hip dislocation, intertrochanteric- and proximal tibial fracture with popliteal artery injury is rare. Management of this presentation is challenging. A motor vehicle accident victim presented with these injuries, but without any initial signs of vascular compromise. Popliteal artery injury was diagnosed intra-operatively and repaired. This was followed by external fixation of tibial fracture, open reduction of dislocated hip and internal fixation of intertrochanteric fracture. Patient regained bilateral complete weight bearing and returned to pre-accident activity level. Apt surgical management including early repair of vascular injury in such a trauma mélange allows for a positive postoperative outcome.

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