A case of laryngeal cancer associated with dermatomyositis

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Takeshi Kusunoki *
Hirotomo Homma
Yoshinobu Kidokoro
Aya Yanai
Katsuhisa Ikeda
Ryo Wada
(*) Corresponding Author:
Takeshi Kusunoki | ttkusunoki001@aol.com


We experienced a rare case of laryngeal cancer associated with dermatomyositis. The patient was a 63-year-old male and Japanese. He was admitted to our department of Otorhinolaryngology with dysphagia for a day as a chief complaint. He became aware of hoarseness with bloody sputum and then face edema with redness a half year before. At first physical examination, he had bilateral eyelid edema with erythema, finger edema with keratinizing erythema and limb extensor erythema. Serous creatine phosphokinase was 850 IU/mL (normal range: 40-200 IU/mL). Later, he was referred to the rheumatology department and was diagnosed as having dermatomyositis. Fiberscopic examination revealed laryngeal cancer with left laryngeal palsy. We gave priority to the laryngeal treatment. As a result, the symptoms of dermatomyositis were improved.

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