Completely extruded talus without soft tissue attachments

  • Young Rak Choi Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, CHA Bundang Medical Center, CHA University, Seongnam-si,, Korea, Republic of.
  • Jae Jung Jeong Department of Orthopedic Surgery, College of Medicine, Catholic University of Korea, Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital, Daejeon, Korea, Republic of.
  • Ho Seong Lee | Department of Orthopedic surgery, Asan Medical Center, College of Medicine, Ulsan University,, Korea, Republic of.
  • Sang Woo Kim Department of Orthopaedic surgery, Ulsan University Hospital, Ulsan,, Korea, Republic of.
  • Jin-Soo Suh Department of Orthopedic surgery, Ilsan Paik Hospital, College of Medicine, Inje University, Koyang,, Korea, Republic of.


A completely extruded talus without any remaining soft tissue attachments is extremely rare. The present report describes treatment of a 45-year-old man who sustained a completely extruded talus injury following a rockclimbing fall. Upon admission, the extruded talus was deep-frozen in our bone bank. The open ankle joint underwent massive wound debridement and irrigation for 3 days. Four days later we performed a primary subtalar fusion between the extruded talus and the calcaneus, anticipating revascularization from the calcaneus. However, aseptic loosening and osteolysis developed around the screw and talus. At 12 months post-trauma we performed a tibiocalcaneal ankle fusion with a femoral head allograft to fill the talar defect. Follow-up at 24 months post-trauma showed the patient had midfoot motion, tibio-talar-calcaneal fusion, and was able partake in 4-hour physical activity twice per week.


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Case Reports
completely extruded talus, primary subtalar fusion, osteolysis.
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Choi, Y. R., Jeong, J. J., Lee, H. S., Kim, S. W., & Suh, J.-S. (2011). Completely extruded talus without soft tissue attachments. Clinics and Practice, 1(1), e12.