Peritoneal carcinomatosis mimicking a perforated diverticulitis

  • Olivier Facy | Univeristy Hospital of Dijon, France.
  • Nicolas Lagoutte
  • Brice Paquette
  • Patrick Rat
  • Pablo Ortega Deballon


We report the case of a patient with a pelvic abscess and a malignant pancreatic tumor. The management of this complicated diverticulitis included radiological drainage and surgery. This abscess was due to a peritoneal carcinomatosis originating from the pancreas, which is an extremely rare cause of intestinal perforation.


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Case Reports
carcinomatosis, pelvic abscess, perforation.
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Facy, O., Lagoutte, N., Paquette, B., Rat, P., & Ortega Deballon, P. (2011). Peritoneal carcinomatosis mimicking a perforated diverticulitis. Clinics and Practice, 1(1), e14.