Non-syndromic bilateral dentigerous cysts associated with permanent second premolars

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Shiva Shirazian *
Farzaneh Agha-Hosseini
(*) Corresponding Author:
Shiva Shirazian |


The dentigerous cyst is one of the most common developmental odontogenic cysts in the jaw. Occurrence of the bilateral dentigerous cyst is uncommon, and frequently associated with syndromes like basal cell nevus syndrome or cleidocranial dysplasia. There are few reports on the presence of bilateral dentigerous cyst in nonsyndromic patients, and most of these are associated with first and third molars. The reported case in this paper is bilateral dentigerous cysts associated with mandibular permanent second premolars, in the absence of any signs of syndrome. To our knowledge bilateral dentigerous cysts in these locations have not been previously reported.

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