Tubercular sinus over manubrium sterni: a rare presentation

  • Nikhil Gupta | Department of surgery, Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi, India.
  • Niladhar Shankarrao Hadke Department of surgery, Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, India.
  • Nita Khurana Department of Pathology, Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi, India.


Isolated sternal involvement in tuberculosis is rare. Very few case reports are available in literature even from the countries where tuberculosis is endemic. We are reporting a case of 32-year-old female who presented to us with a pus discharging sinus over manubrium sterni with no other systemic features of tuberculosis. Sinus tract was excised and biopsy confirmed tuberculosis. Patient received antitubercular therapy for 9 months.


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Case Reports
tuberculosis, sternum, sinus.
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Gupta, N., Hadke, N., & Khurana, N. (2011). Tubercular sinus over manubrium sterni: a rare presentation. Clinics and Practice, 1(4), e90.

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